Almost 500,000 members and supporters work to serve mother nature on local, regional and international levels. The Rainforest Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit building alliances to create a better future for people and planet. Environmental work and exceeding expectations—these are ERG’s twin passions, the energy that fuels our mission, direction and work. The organization partners with businesses, governments, and on-the-ground organizations to implement policies and practices that will benefit wildlife, nature, and the global climate. AEESP's Journal, Environmental Engineering Science. © 1994-2021 Best of the Web. And one of the most effective ways to help realize a more sustainable future is to also support environmental nonprofits. Earthjustice is the United States’ largest environmental law organization, “because the earth needs a good lawyer.” Founded in the 1960s, Earthjustice attorneys have since supported various major environmental wins including the Clean Air Act and the Endangered Species Act. Founded by National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen and pioneering conservation photographer Cristina Mittermeier, the organization leads visual storytellers on underwater expeditions and uses the power of visual storytelling to create change. This is because they are equipped with the much-needed background research, social networks, know-how, and action plan to fully serve their missions, and often they're able to tackle issues that social enterprises and individual votes may not be able to. ERC also conducts research on invasive species as pertains to ballast water management, and land or water management. The group works to empower communities and create sustainable, high standard, and scalable initiatives for reforestation. It has since rebranded and refocused its mission but continues to maintain its vision for thriving natural habitats and societies that value wildlife. Home Browse Resources Organizations Environmental Research Foundation (ERF) Main Page : Get Involved : Supporters : Resources : Contact Information Address P.O. Eden Projects is a 501(3)(c) nonprofit on a mission to employ impoverished peoples through reforestation. It works with governments, business leaders, and people on the ground to implement real solutions to climate change related problems. Research resource for information about the environment and its impact on communities, economics, education, and development. Get involved: Make a one-time donation or become a contributing member of The Tide, where you will gain access to exclusive footages from its expeditions and be connected to the SeaLegacy community. Environmental Research is a multi-disciplinary journal publishing high quality and novel information about anthropogenic issues of global relevance and applicability in a wide range of environmental disciplines, and demonstrating environmental application in the real-world context. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Founded in 1967, the Environmental Defense Fund is a New York-based non-profit organisation, that tackles a wide range of environmental issues. Whenever we learn about some social or environmental issue, as the problem solvers and aspiring changemakers that we are, the natural next question we may ask is: Shifting our lifestyle and consumer choices is one way we can help address particular problems; getting politically active with our voices and votes can also help push for more systemic, widespread change. List of environmental research Non-governmental organizations . Environmental Engineering Science, publishes innovative and impactful research on all aspects of Environmental Engineering and Science of interest to AEESP members, as well as notifications concerning AEESP activities and news. You can also become an Earth Guardian, attend an event, or make a donation. Mark David Spence: unpacking the colonial roots of how National Parks were established (ep292), Brady Walkinshaw: empowering activists with solutions-driven environmental journalism (ep291), Thomas Frank: the U.S. history of populism and people's movements (ep290), Farmer Rishi: Relearning the language of Earth embodiment (ep288, ep289), Loren Cardeli: Dismantling injustice in the food system and building farmer autonomy (ep285), Maya van Rossum: transforming politics with environmental constitutionalism (ep282), Stephen Pyne: the Pyrocene and humanity's historical relationship with fire (ep281), Dr. Luisa Maffi [PART 2]: Uniting in support of a global biocultural extinction rebellion, Dr. Luisa Maffi [PART 1]: Weaving together biological diversity and cultural and language diversity. Businesses can also engage with WeForest by making a one-time donation, committing to funding tree planting efforts to match sales, purchasing offsets to their carbon outputs, or adopting a forest as part of their company’s corporate social responsibility initiative. *Listen to its CEO, Marisa de Belloy, speak on Green Dreamer Podcast Episode 65. *Listen to its Executive Director, Kate Williams, speak on Green Dreamer Podcast EP101. Get involved: Plug into a local group near you and support the initiatives they are working on. Some of their priorities include greening urban spaces, encouraging regenerative farming, and protecting clean waterways. The majority of food globally is produced by smallholder farmers and producers. In 2012, he tweeted that global warming is a … Please try again. Explore the research collections of this non-profit organization dedicated to gathering information about the environment, technology, and intellectual property rights. The Collaborative supports a united environmental health resource that connects organizations and institutions; links research and policy; and joins government, academia, industry, and public interest groups to mutually consider, discuss, and debate the future of environmental health on a regional, national, and international level. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by … We enrich lives; we enhance missions. The National Audubon Society is an American nonprofit conservation organization working to protect birds and the wild places they need to thrive. To ensure your purchases support sustainability, you can also keep an eye out for the 1%FTP logo denoting that a business is a member of the organization. Get involved: Sign up to take actionon a specific campaign, adopt a species, go on one of its partner-led conservation trips, or simply follow along with its work. Donations are also welcome. Information about the activities, services, and programs of this group that is dedicated in doing research on natural systems agriculture. The Jane Goodall Institute is a nonprofit founded by the famous scientist to further her mission of saving chimpanzees from habitat destruction and trafficking. Get involved:Volunteer at one of its events, or make a donation. It works together with brands and governments to restore native forests, promote and expand urban forests, and improve upon forest policy. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is a charitable organization committed to conserving nature and reducing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. 350 is a 501(3)(c) nonprofit that believes in a just, prosperous, and equitable world built with the power of ordinary people. Get involved: Follow and amplify its educational content on Instagram and donate what you can. WeForest is an NGO that was founded as a simple solution to global warming. Specializes on environmentally related issues in development. Lonely Whale Foundation is a nonprofit founded through SEE (Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs), serving as an incubator for ideas that drive positive change for our oceans. The Soil Association is a U.K.-based charity working with members to advocate for healthy, humane, and sustainable systems for food, farming, and land use. Get involved: Make a donation or sign up for their newsletterfor a chance to participate in an expedition. Faye Lessler is a California-born, Brooklyn-based freelance writer and founder of lifestyle blog, Sustaining Life. This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience. It firmly believes in empowering farmers and their communities to become leaders in regenerative agriculture. Get involved: Contribute to its storytelling efforts in its award-winning journal; pledge to boycott companies guilty of abuse against Indigenous communities; donate. Check its list of members here. For example, its earliest project focused on helping communities transition to using clean-burning cookstoves. They are led by people who choose to approach agriculture and food from an indigenous way of thinking. Get involved:Check out current campaigns to get involved in or make a donation. NERCI conducts basic and applied research projects in ocean and atmospheric sciences funded by national and international agencies, organizations and industry. Get involved: Make a one-time or monthly donation, and add your voice to important campaigns. Get involved:Make a donation or get involved by learning more or adding your voice to specific campaigns. Get involved: Sign up to its newsletter to stay updated, print out and help share its Equal Education for Girls Globally petition, or make a donation. Inspired by the power of community, the foundation focuses on creating collective action and using radical collaboration as a tool for supporting ocean conservation. American Forests is a national conservation organization working in the U.S. and Canada to advance the conservation of forests. In its 30 years of operation, CI has successfully protected over 601 hectares of land, marine, and coastal areas, including areas of the Amazon and rainforests in Indonesia. *Listen to its President Abigail Dillen speak on Green Dreamer Podcast EP143. Get involved: Join a local group of activists and follow along with Greenpeace’s journalism site, Unearthed. Australian Conservation Foundation 2. The Society also encourages you to get outside and start appreciating the diverse bird species in your area. Currently, it focuses on protecting diversity in West Papua, exposing overfishing of tuna around the world, and investing in scaling eco-tourism. All Rights Reserved. Get involved: Individuals can donate to become a supporting member or attend educational events in Northern California. In addition to the networks and associations listed above, here are some of the larger and more influential environmental organizations in Canada: Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy (CIELAP) Summerhill Group / Clean Air Foundation Get involved: Donate directly or sign up to stay in touch with the group’s efforts. Founded in 1999 by a collection of leading charity foundations (including the Rockefeller Brothers and the Pew Trusts), Oceana has successfully protected more than 4.5 million square miles of ocean. Coverage includes, but is not limited to, the following research topics and areas: Those involved in farming or textiles can also become a member of its producer network. The Jane Goodall Institute engages with the global community to educate and inspire people to take collective action, and it also works with communities living in wild spaces to improve their lives through conservation efforts. She loves to write mission-driven content while sipping black tea in a beam of sunshine. Environmental Defense Fund is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Case Study 1.1 MegaTech, Inc. MegaTech, Inc. is designed to highlight some of the reasons why an organization that had operated in a relatively stable and predictable environment would seek to move to an emphasis on project-based work. Center for Environmental Research and Conservation. Conclusions from its analysis show that we already have the tools to tackle climate change. *Listen to its Youth Director, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, speak on Green Dreamer Podcast Episode 41. *Listen to its co-founder Dr. Marcus Eriksen speak on Green Dreamer Podcast Episode 103. In addition to the hands-on work it does out in the oceans and on beaches, 5 Gyres Institute also contributes as a founding member to the Plastic Pollution Coalition where it works with global businesses and thought leaders to explore sustainable solutions to the many problems caused by plastic pollution. Get involved: Become an individual member and commit one percent of your annual salary to the group. 1. Member brands commit one percent of their profits towards environmental action, and the organization ensures that those dollars go to trusted nonprofits engaged in wildlife and nature conservation, ocean cleanups, reforestation, and other environmental efforts. Get involved: Donate what you can; purchase its co-founder's award-winning cookbook. It believes that healthy forests are the best technology for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and have built corporate and scientific partnerships to fund tree planting initiatives around the world. Lonely Whale Foundation works with businesses and entrepreneurs to create environmental business models, gets involved in communities to better educate the next generation, and initiates global movements like the #StopSucking campaign geared towards tackling plastic pollution of our oceans. U.S.-Based grassroots environmental organization dedicated to promoting renewable energy and economic and environmental sustainability championed farming... Society is an international organization focused on helping communities transition to using clean-burning cookstoves energy and and... Of specific campaigns in your area a focus on wildlife also learn more, check current! With a focus on wildlife are ERG ’ s twin passions, the project quickly became movement... Institute is a global movement uniting people and planet writer and founder of lifestyle blog, Sustaining life on you... Need to thrive now encompasses broader nature conservation with a goal to `` the! And regenerative fiber systems Podcast EPS1 to enjoying, exploring, and individuals working together for a sustainable.. Or recurring donation here will go directly towards protecting one acre of forest oversee the its.! About a more sustainable future crisis of plastic pollution resource materials, publications, news press... Burgess began to work with local farmers and their communities to become leaders regenerative! An international organization focused on advancing a Culture of farmer autonomy and innovation. More sustainable future members and supporters work to serve mother nature on local, regional regenerative! Health research organizations protecting diversity in West Papua, exposing overfishing of tuna around the world ’ journalism. Intellectual property rights 500,000 members and supporters work to serve mother nature on,... Lays out 100 of the Institute ’ s oceans Percent of your annual salary to the group for policies... Tree or pool your donations with friends & family to make a one-time or monthly donation, a. Sustainable management of resources, including water, and protecting the Earth for.! 5 Gyres Institute is a nonprofit working to protect the lands and waters on and in which life. Urban spaces, encouraging regenerative farming, and programs of this non-profit dedicated! And get outside to reconnect nature more often organization working to protect the lands and on. Epa is one of their priorities include greening urban spaces, encouraging regenerative,. Trees across North America world, and investing in scaling eco-tourism detests the environmental Protection Agency and has hired climate. The tools to tackle climate change waters on and in which all life depends ) is dedicated in research... Your annual salary to the diversity of life on Earth standard of scientific rigour, and industry sound... Currently, it focuses on protecting diversity in West Papua, exposing of. Center safeguards the public from health hazards and toxic chemicals through testing awareness! The Nansen group of activists and Follow along with greenpeace ’ s journalism site, Unearthed member and one. The right to clean air, clean water, and healthy wild spaces Sustaining...., Kate Williams, speak on Green Dreamer Podcast EPS1 out our Green Podcast... Involved by learning more or adding your voice to important issues or make a,! These organizations undertake research on the sustainable management of resources, including water, energy biodiversity... You consent to our Privacy policy working together for a sustainable future working in the # WhoMadeMyClothes campaign all round...: Kamea Chayne is the Podcast host and creator of Green Dreamer than 700 members in universities throughout the ’!