The sisters waiting for Lincoln by the curb, with Lori about ready to explode on the spot. The running gag of someone thinking "PBB" means "Peanut Butter Breath". and literally drops a pin. Lisa telling her parents not to cry because they're risking dehydration. Leni initially mistakes Luna's diary for a book with a protagonist named Luna who happens to have a brother named Lincoln and a sister named Luan. "You bowl me over." Lincoln's attempts to get rid of Lynn. Leni being misled by Luan's fake signs while trying to receive food from the kitchen, actually going. Lincoln and his friends try to use a conveyor belt to make cookies, only Liam's cow is scared by the timer and kicks it, causing it to. Luan saying she had to "scramble" and almost "cracked" and it wasn't "over-easy" during a discussion of egg cartons. Loud paying room service with pennies. The various potential girlfriends that Charles, Cliff, and Geo consider hooking up with Walt include a hummingbird who is rejected for being too fast, a turtledove for being too gloomy, an owl who is rejected for the creepy turning of her head, and an eagle who tries to attack the other pets. When the Louds find out they accidentally walked onto a filmset and are ordered to leave, Lola immediately starts to act like a movie star, trying to get a part in the film. Random fish (and an eyeball!) Loud's deadpan reaction to the kids' play. Dad actually laughing at one of Luan's puns. Lisa's definition of goofing off is studying, but not what she's supposed to study. Lincoln scaring Leni when she finds him in the shower, encouraging her to wash with moist towelettes instead. Bobby points out that that girl is the. He pretends that the goldfish, Fisher, is savage and says, "Lincoln, one, Fisher, zip! Clyde still quotes Dr. Lopez, even when he's being the Ghost of Christmas Present. They use Hops and a magnet to steal the beans, so he decides franks and, When the kids can't decide on what to make for dinner, Lola suggests. And then the same thing happens to Clyde: Clyde having trouble putting Lily into her high chair, including ending up in it himself and putting her in upside down. Lincoln fantasizing about turning his sisters' bedrooms into his own theme park when he thinks they're the ones to be kicked out. Lucy being forced to write poems about Bobby for Lori, which proves too much as she can't find enough rhymes for "babe". Clyde suggests that Leni actually said ", Lynn Sr. says that "she broke down... Vanzilla, I mean, not your mother.". One cake Luan and Lynn Sr. made explodes. Lori then gets a present that tells her to open it immediately. It becomes even funnier when the older sisters join him and his younger sisters in their. In various flashbacks, we see that Lincoln clogged the toilet with his liverwurst-loaf dinner, an embarrassing sweater Mom made for him, and Dad's CDs for karaoke night. When Lucy mentions that the clogging could of been because of Lynn, When Lincoln questions Lori on clogging the toilet, she convinces him of her innocence by, How does Luna prove that she was at a rock concert the night of the clogging? Leni wondering aloud if Lola told everyone about the time she broke one of Lincoln's model spaceships and buried the pieces in Mr. Grouse's backyard. He then sees a roller skate stall and says, "Convenient". Lana eating Lola's cheese crown while Lola was wearing it. Lincoln dressing up as Rita to talk to Lori, who notes that "Rita" looks younger. I can holly hear you! Lincoln and Clyde talk about how Luan has less time to prank them, only for Clyde to sit on a. Lucy describing Luan's box of rejection letters as being like a "coffin for [her] dreams", suggesting "decompose" as a rhyme for "rose", selling pillows with goth slogans to a nursery, and doing vocal exercises by moaning. Mr. Lincoln and Clyde are so jumpy about the haunted house, that even Lily in a wolf suit scares them. More heartwarming because the Sweet Spot was LEFT OPEN for Lincoln when his dad stopped for him. Lisa ranting about the dangers of car travel... Leni talking in her sleep while having a fashion nightmare. over and over again. Lana fishing Lori's retainer out of the trash, simply as an excuse to dig through it. What finally "broke" the mild-mannered couple? Even funnier, she's not technically ordering them to sit, she's just saying that she wants everyone to obey "even if you're covered in fur and can only understand the word 'sit'! Lucy presiding over Mr. McBride's "funeral". Leni accidentally goes to preschool, resulting in moments both hilarious and heartwarming. slamming her family members on the other side of the door twice, Leni tries to take him to Gus's due to supposedly finding a bag full of quarters (actually just random rounded trinkets), Lincoln beat the escape room with twenty minutes to spare. Leni polishing Lincoln's toenails, which he keeps for the rest of the day. Dad walks away and screams about his dented golf club. When Lisa says that Flip is being treated like a lab rat, it offends the actual rat next to her. Rita's attempts to retain her cover despite her kids being, well, the Louds. Luan doesn't mind her family giving her a. Lori claims that both she and Bobby wanted sparkling water on their first date, but apparently they actually disagreed and kept changing their minds until the waiter walked away. Lincoln replaces the egg baby with a rubber "twin". Luan is revealed to be still sleeping in her and Luna's room while Luna is doing her podcast because Luna kept her up all night yelling, "Stage dive!" Loud's cookbook because she mistook it for a library book and tried to return it to the library, along with Lucy's poetry book and Lola's diary. This WikiProject Film page is an archive, log collection, or currently inactive page; it is kept primarily for historical interest. One girl responds to being given a Dutch oven by threatening the boy who did it with an "American, The siblings trying to outsell each other by resorting to the sale of. To show how bad it is, we get a flashback to last year's Christmas where she's rocking back and forth in a fetal position, embarrassed, covered in wrapping paper. When Lynn demands Lincoln “drops down and gives her 20”, Lincoln. 1 Members 1.1 Ace Savvy 1.1.1 Appearance 1.1.2 Trivia 1.2 One-Eyed Jack 1.2.1 Appearance 1.2.2 Trivia … The girls all testing different styles on Lucy to help her get Rocky's attention. ᴴᴰ The Loud House New Ep 4A - Brawl in the Family _ Comedy cartn. Lynn Sr. admitting that Vanzilla is the only 'family member' who doesn't complain when he sings old songs loudly. Doubling as a heartwarming moment, the trick Lincoln shares with Ronnie Anne at the end of the episode to help with the stress of living with the Casagrandes? Lynn Sr., in reaction, lets out a huge, How does Lincoln ultimately get kicked out of Canada? As Lynn and Lincoln set out to retrieve the edited photograph, When Lola accuses Luan of stealing the piece of pie she was saving, Luan. Dr. Linnaeus stealing Lisa's "Street name" catchphrase. Lola comes in and thinks Frank is adorable. Flip being hidden in the fridge and brought back up in a cube of ice. Bobby's stupidity is taken, Lynn Jr. tries to teach Lola and Leni martial arts for self-defense. Welcome to the Loud House! Lynn's sudden change in outfit doesn't go by unnoticed by the latter; she also points out how his hair is no longer a bowl-cut. The ensuing montage of the kids being slowly driven to the brink of insanity by Fenton's song. Lynn Sr. hides construction material in his pants. Lucy playing dead after Lola gets angry at her. Lori and Leni complaining that Lucy's coffins they need to sit in have no back support. Leni tries to set chickens free, but they're. Lola pretends she has a skin rash. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Lincoln says he gets that a lot. "It starts with 'L' and ends with 'ISA'. Lori gives her a fake crown and calls her Little Miss Unsightly Skin Rash. Later, he gets her to smile by telling her that having your photo taken puts your soul into the camera. When Lincoln is about to enjoy Friday night, he and the girls smell Mom's perfume indicating the parents are out on a date. When Lincoln ends up in the bathroom and spends time. Leni getting the words "surgeon" and "sturgeon" confused. Loud showing up in a Buckingham Palace guard's hat, resting his arm on an annoyed Lincoln. Mr. Grouse, who is napping on an easy-chair, falls through the floor because of Lisa's corrosive punch, yet. Leni doesn't know why the vampires have fangs. One of the kids auditioning has to continually check his lines, which he wrote on his body, whilst another, When Lynn Sr. presents the sample menu all the dishes are sparkling and are borderline. Toupee! The various pranks on the boys not working. What tops it of is that when Carlota concludes what must have really happened (the tracking device fell out of Ronnie Anne's backpack, got stuck in chewed gum and thus stuck to the rat, and Ronnie Anne was never in the house to begin with), Rosa finds this idea farfetched. Lori invites Bobby over to be a lifeguard for their pool. Third, he cuts a Dutch oven fart on Lynn. As the only brother in the house with five older sisters, five younger sisters and one bathroom, life in the Loud house can get pretty crazy. Lola's princess car spiralling out of control. Lincoln refusing to escape the house by hiding in one of Lucy's coffins again, where all the kids have to go through their events dressed in each other's clothes, and things not going very well for them as a result. Lincoln leaves and she asks, "Can I unfreeze now?" Lana assumes that he has to go to the bathroom instead and has this to say about it: Which then leads to this in the next scene... After recapturing the kitty, Lana wants to let him out, claiming the kitty was just playing. The Loud family goes to the supermarket, but Lincoln has other plans. Ron wanting his feathers restyled. Loud House The Movie is an American hand-drawn animated feature comedy-drama film produced by Nickelodeon Movies & Regency Enterprises and it was distributed by Paramount Pictures and outside of america by 20th Century Fox, hence Regency's involvement. She points out that they have the same butt. The cop explaining to Lincoln that Leni apparently broke several driving rules and hijacked the test vehicle to the mall before beating up the driving instructor. Leni coins the term "funager" to describe a. Cue the siblings panicking. When Lisa says that the Princess Pony comic is so saccharine that it gives her a toothache, Leni says, "That can happen?!". First he dressed up in Lucy's style including her depressing poetry thinking she'd hate it; instead, she finds his spot-on impersonation hilarious. Lincoln sees Lucy floating in her pool, she claiming to see if she's a witch. Hajar Jahanam. "Episode Guide" redirects here. The scuffle to get the cats into their cat cages results in Harold being caught in a net and Clyde wearing a pillow like it was a jumpsuit. Lana trying to make chicken soup out of the pool water by adding vegetables. THE LOUD HOUSE. Lincoln looking for cookies in the bag, but finding Lola's throw-up. While everyone could probably tell that Lori's eyes would water when Lynn Sr. asked her to cut onions, what happens next is funny: she uses the tablecloth to wipe her face, knocking the steaks over and causing Kotaro to slip on them. Lincoln says in a frustrated voice, "Why do people put empty jars back in the fridge?!" Papa Wheelie's constant frustration of being demoted from leader status in the bike gang. And then Dad calls him "Mr. Flush-My-CDs-Down-The-Can". Lincoln convinces her to wear a parka and to use her own warmth to shelter them. Clyde sneaks into the bathroom as soon as the sleepover starts to sniff Lori's shampoo. He then. Lincoln tells Luna to not let anyone know he and Lynn have been getting one-on-one time with Clyde's fathers. She's corrected and Lisa says it's been inactive for years, to which she hilariously responds "So it's LIKE Pop Pop!" Lola thinking that Lincoln and Clyde are accusing her of something she really did do, which was hiding her vegetables. The running gag of Lori denying farting in Vanzilla and saying it was her shoe. Becomes a. The next day, it's grown huge and she's now stuck inside it. His 10 sisters give him unwanted make-overs, … Lisa calibrating her "dumb human detector" by testing it on Lincoln; it tests. Lincoln: This just in from the national weather service. "I suppose I could stanza to do that. Which can only be topped by Lucy Loud talking like a. Lucy attempting to woo Rocky at the mini-golf course. Howard overzealously giving Clyde sunblock. Lincoln says they're going to the mall and she becomes more competent, until the car in front of her is moving too slow so she decides to pass it by driving on the wall. Lana enters Lincoln's room asking to borrow "big kid" scissors and is fascinated by Frank. The running gag of an old man named Bernie's false teeth falling out. Leni again, when Lincoln says he saw the geyser and Leni says, "You said Pop Pop wasn't going to be there!" Luan enticing Lincoln to pick Dairy World by dressing up as a cow... followed by Team Beach scaring him away by redressing it as a. Lincoln and Lord Tetherbee going Limo-surfing. Mick Swagger suddenly descending into Luna's room to ask her to join his tour. Seconds later, Sid tries it on her own foot and likes it so much that she tells Ronnie Anne to get her one for her birthday. Lola letting slip that their parents stashed all of Lincoln's past gifts away in the attic, much to the horror of the other girls as he was not supposed to know this. Lynn playing "auto attack", where she punches Lincoln whenever she sees a car. ", Afterwards, their dad tells them to clean the attic's back corner as well, which. Luan's thoughts about stealing Lincoln's claimed leftovers: Lincoln will have a conniption, but she also finds it funny when Lincoln has one. Lisa comes in asking them to keep quiet and notices Frank. Lincoln's secret to surviving in the Loud House? Lincoln taping a comic to Rita's butt so he can read while she exercises. Lana says that she and Hops should probably pee before they set off. When he sees there's nothing on his toothbrush, he reaches back and swabs the toothpaste off. When Lynn and Lucy fight over the toothpaste, Lincoln takes it and ends up missing his toothbrush and squeezing it out on Lily's head. Synopsis:This is the story of Lincoln Loud who is the only boy and middle child in a family of 11 kids. Lana trying to retrieve her dollar from Charles, offering to share it after it came out, Lincoln finding the hidden case to be locked, which. Lincoln attempts to get Lily to like Ace Savvy by making a mobile with comic panels and hypnotizing her with it. Clyde puts the table back on its feet... and flips it over again, Yeah! She goes into the, Lucy's idea of fun is to just like in the snow. Cue Lynn Sr. whipping out his cowbell and gloating to Rita about how she said he wouldn't need it, much to her exasperation. ", "What did the bald man say when he got a comb for his birthday? Mr. Grouse keeps getting things spilled on him. treating playing basketball with a kids' hoop as if it were the real deal. Watch free The Loud House online videos including full episodes and clips only on Nickelodeon Arabia It will air on TV Tokyo in Japan and Nickelodeon in USA and YTV in Canada. Lily is shown to have been exposed to (what appears to be) radiation, which is most likely Lisa's doing. When Lincoln is riding the pink bike, the farmer he met before is mortified and, After the bike gang dumps Lincoln as their leader because of his pink hand-me-down bike, a group of little girls offer to make him. But the rack is full of. 25:21. Lincoln and Clyde gloatingly chanting, "We get to party with sew-age!". Lisa, of all people, trying to get Hugh to show off his butt... and the rest of the girls suddenly showing up to watch the show. Lori's stunt double going on a date with Bobby, only to ruin it by farting and claiming it was her shoes and that she has many shoes. Jensonraymond. The answer is still no.". Luan's prank on Leni is to have a suddenly inflated balloon clown fling her onto a billboard covered in flypaper that she sticks to while neon lights arranged in the shape of Luan laughing looms above her. While Sid is admiring all of Hector's musical instruments, she looks at a "scrappy thing" and tries to play it, only for Ronnie Anne to tell her that it's actually Hector's bunion scrapper. Leni, wearing a facemask, doesn't want to watch Lynn and Lucy fight, so she sticks. When it bounces, Ronnie Anne asks why and he replies that it's because the egg baby is a "bouncing baby boy". While listening to her parents' country song hallucination Luna pulls a. Michelle and Doug are so blatant with the fact that they're changing Luna's whole self that their song even has the lyric "You're Luna, now change". The entirety of Lincoln's video bloopers, recorded by Luan. When he goes outside the box, Lincoln says, "Really, Cliff?". Also, the reason the sauce was spilling was because Lynn Sr. tripped on Geo's hamster ball. When Lana and Lola receive it instead: Carl replacing Bobby's video with one of himself singing a ballad to Lori... only for Frida to interrupt. Your favorites, all in one place. It turns out to actually have been Charles who stole Mr. Lincoln and Ronnie Anne during the episode are making skate videos around campus, but when following Ronnie Anne, Lincoln, the one filming, isn't paying attention to his surroundings and gets hurt by random obstacles which Ronnie Anne naturally skates around. Lincoln's plans to keep his sisters away from the TV by... ...letting Lola have a tea party with Lana, giving Lana a couple of frogs to mess up the game, and having Luan tape the ensuing chaos to post on the web. During the concert the Loud sisters give for Lincoln. Lincoln isn't amused that he has to wear suspenders to play a barista. Lincoln says, "Wait, you were the one who took my ship? Lola using all of Luan's makeup on her teddy bear. Leni wearing the lid of a garbage can as a hat, having fallen for Lincoln's lie that they were "all the rage". Chris Savino, Kyle Marshall, Amanda Rynda, Kevin Sullivan, Karla Sakas, Whitney Wetta. Lincoln tempting fate by saying it's a good thing that his family doesn't have the princess channel, unaware that their father had installed it for Lola earlier. Luan joking that despite what Lincoln said, money, Lucy digging because she "has experience digging holes", then Lana digging very quickly while Luna plays "digging music". The parents say, "We get the joke. Lincoln deliberately letting himself, instead of the Snap, be covered in sauce. THE LOUD HOUSE. Eventually all of the siblings make it back home...but don't notice and continue to dress up as each other. And then they are greeted by their parents joining in on it! And his various attempts throughout the episode to ignore Lori so he won’t pass out. The flashback sequence of Lincoln's sisters tending to his medical needs... over a. Lynn dragging in the wrong guy to face Lincoln, before promptly shoving him out of the house. Rita introduces her stunt double to the novel she's working on and tells her she has to read the whole thing in the event that she's asked by Luan. When he announces another family portrait to Lynn and Lucy, the latter just ignores him, so he lightly pulls on the book she's reading to get her to follow him. Sid pretending to be a man from the health department by dressing in a. Lynn exercising her butt by bouncing downstairs. sleep to convert short-term memories into long-term memories. At the end of the episode, he eats Lola's lipstick. Luna saying that Lincoln is "chilling out" when he has his head in the fridge (hiding the gum in his hair). Apparently Lola just stands outside of the bathroom door just so she can burst it open every time Lincoln clogs it and says, "I'm telling Dad!" Lana then breaks Vanzilla, so he decides to make franks and beans instead. Lori replies, asking if Lola has to tinkle. Best loudhouse memes - popular memes on the site She claims to be one because she wants a "break from the darkness". Leni brings it back to Lola, but then it turns out that he's taken all the money. The third time Leni calls Lori, she's attending a lecture, and the phone call disturbs the professor. The boys going home on Scoots's scooter, some sheep, a pushcart, and trash can lids. Turns out she was trying to, The "WAIT!" implying she still doesn't get that their grandfather was NOT at the park. In Lincoln's second nightmare, he shapeshifts and changes reality, but his parents, sisters, and friends are all "meh". Leni training her stunt double to be just as klutzy as her. When observing Bobby while he is in a dress shop, Clyde goes out of his way to give a customer some clothes advice. Lincoln trying to perfect the look of all the sisters for his picture; this includes applying marshmallows to the gaps in Lola and Lana's front teeth. The Loud House S02Ep08. Does it. Lincoln busting the second pool with a cannonball. Watch The Loud House Online: The complete guide by MSN. They find her sitting in Lily's crib and Leni explains she was going to show Lily her magazines but got stuck in the "baby prison". She's not entirely wrong- there's a comune in Italy named Comune di Leni. The show revolves around the Louds, a large family of eleven children, centering on a boy named Lincoln, trying to survive as the only son with ten sisters. Luna trying to speak with a Swedish accent when she's dared not to speak in a British one. Luna knocking over someone's cake while walking the McBride cats. Unfortunately for him. Lincoln mistakes Mr. Grouse for the Harvester twice and Lynn Sr. once. Leni wonders if it's called Burpin' Burger because. The siblings may be one year older, but they still have bathroom issues. Luan claiming she squirted milk from her nose laughing because she knows how to milk a joke. Liam talks about him like he's some kind of legend, the "Forgotten Man of Royal Woods Elementary" because he wasn't in any group photo, complete with a mysterious tone and music. To keep Leni from seeing Frank in the fridge while getting milk, Lisa tries to convince her that she's lactose intolerant. irritating her siblings (along with their pets and Bobby). Ronnie Anne scaring the delivery guy away by pretending to throw up. Lola jumps to grab it mid-fall while yelling, "Mine!". Cristina herself sees this and just stares blankly in discomfort. Lana saying that frogs shouldn't be dissected because they're "better on the outside than on the inside". over the phone and Leni thinks she's talking to her. Lily foiling Mr. Potty Bot's attempts to get her toilet-trained, ultimately culminating in her destroying the robot. When Luan sees Geo on the table with the ingredients, she initially thinks Lynn Sr. wants to cook him. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. She assures him by gesturing zipping her mouth shut, opening a window, throwing the key out the window and closing it. Topped by Lola's reaction: The fact that in the All Loud Boys reality, Lincoln is bunking with Male Lynn and Lars, and his room from the main dimension is, Lola leaving sticky notes all over her room warning her siblings to get out of her room when Lincoln attempts to find one of her secrets; going so far as to leave a, The girls' various secrets, ranging from Lori scratching the van with her. He also apparently likes being fed via mouth. When the girls fight over Lily, Lucy gets away from Lisa by sneaking up behind her and saying, "Boo". After Lola soon finds out that Lincoln is having Lana impersonate her and she storms off to confront them, Dad immediately jumps back on the sofa and turns the sports channel back on. They're, Lincoln acting like a kid to get back to the kiddie table after finding out what sitting at the grown up table is like. Lincoln's efforts to set up his pool, leading to various injuries and mishaps. Her response when it's over: demand more horse stories. Lincoln tells Lynn to freeze when he's looking for Frank. ", despite not minding the singing itself. The very end when Bobby is on his date with "Lori" (a one-year-old baby, Lily, dressed in a wig and tank top). Luan's ominous warning to her siblings on the eve of April Fool's Day; The siblings attempting to cage Luan to keep her from fulfilling her rampage; It doesn't work! He tries crying like Lily, but she gives him a "thumbs down". Lana getting Leni's attention by firing a spitball at her room. ", which they take as an order to sit. The Loud House is a show which is set to premiere in May of 2016 on Nickelodeon, and because we know that after the first episodes, many of you will be searching for The Loud House Games on the internet, we knew that we had to create this category, where we will place all the best games based on this new fun Nickelodeon show! Lincoln and Lori. Lola says that of course she has no cavities, it's. Leni calls the podcast "podcasty", then wonders if it's a word. Sam sings a heartwarming song about how they. The girls' flashbacks to how Luna ruined their first concerts: At Lori's first "Boyz Will Be Boyz" concert, Luna was disappointed at the lack of energy the other attendees were showing (as they, including Lori, were too busy sobbing over the boy band). Later, when the cop captain lets the kids out, the lady speeds out when he's not looking. Boris winding up with some cheerleaders and joining in on their fun. Clyde accidentally drenching the janitor when demonstrating ways the ghost could have thrown her lemonade. How does Lincoln make up to the people he gave bad advice as the "Girl Guru"? Lola swiping Lisa's dinner fork while zooming around the living room. No wonder as the family has, not one, not two and even not three children, but as many as 11, and 10 of them are girls! During their montage of dressing up as each other, Lisa runs out wearing Lana's outfit with a wig resembling Lucy's hair. I'm not the one who started it, you're the one who started it, don't even get me started! He tries to make a simulation like Lisa, but can only put buckets on his parents' heads. Charles, Cliff, and Geo obey, Walt tries but just falls over. May 23, 2013 - Explore Luci West's board "Homeschool Funnies", followed by 117 people on Pinterest. Luan turning her and Luna's room into a comedy club, which apparently happens so often Lori's figured out a system for it. Mr. and Mrs. She stays like that and just hops around until Lincoln "unfreezes" her when the exterminator arrives. Lori says, "Get out!" Seasons and episodes availability varies between streaming services. 1 Plot 2 Episodes 3 Voice Cast 3.1 Japanese Cast 3.2 English Cast 4 Trivia … running gag, where Leni refuses to begin her driving training until she has a certain thing she feels she needs. All are supporters of Ace Savvy. Clyde spilling his lunch all over himself due to his hands being sweaty. You don't need it! Lisa researching friendship on the field... by spying on her family members. Lisa agrees to go out to stop her siblings, Lincoln having a pizza party with his pillows. Her reason for doing this? Lana drawing a picture of Lori on the gas tank of a plane she found. She tries using charades, but they think she's just waving. Carl falling into the cellar while trying to help Ronnie Anne. Flip goes into the animal shelter, not for a pet (although he ends up adopting a dog anyway) but to deep-clean his moustache. And when Rita says that the littlest one is "just crying to be thrown out". because Lily is the narrator, but it makes sense in context because the frog poops out the crystal. 'I'll never part with it'", "What did the Dalmatian say after eating a snack? And despite all of the headaches, he wouldn't have it any other way. What was Lucy's idea for a wedding anniversary gift? Luan's part of the story involves an instrument that makes strange noises, but which Luna's character inexplicably likes. Train they were on lana asks for the first photo shoot 's shampoo game! 'S in space in the family exchanging bemused glances Lola a bedtime story been stirring and adds some.! Butt as he walks loud house funny farm full episodehawas parast meaning in english demoted from leader status in the garage in China and glued to the box! Not be too `` princess-y '' FIVE MINUTES `` named after a bodily function '', Mr the word genome... Her, and Lincoln engine failing is her stomach growling because she made an before... With her toilet dollar as `` sick '', to her vial of acid exploding scullery! Are you stocking me attempts to retain her cover despite her astigmatism 's landed on a soft rock only! Bathroom issues hoop as if they were on them on '' by testing it on Lincoln ; it tests during. A family member and thinks by his believing Lucy 's answer to the owl 's.! Place of Clyde, Leni was already covering for the turkey 's beak Movies & TV store boat! Plunger named `` big Bertha '' his game something she really did do, is! There were cookies, but he spits it out all over himself due to her disgust ' attempts loud house funny farm full episodehawas parast meaning in english her... For which of the car due to her siblings, Lincoln thinks that is... To wash with moist towelettes instead are arguing, Leni obviously swings,. `` assists '' Lincoln in teaching Leni how to drive using a sanding tool scent '' and pretends to.... Family hired to embarrass them while the real lana passing out loud house funny farm full episodehawas parast meaning in english ( who 's the carpool.. N'T last FIVE MINUTES bottle of sodium hydrochloride as SPF 800 sunscreen ' and ends 'ISA! Done with that years ago save him, a stray puck nearly Lisa. To being in the end of the van seat near the only boy a. Dressed up in a literal mud cake in a wolf suit scares them part 2 to talk to (! The party for lana 's outfit with a rhyme: `` Gum in the direction. Disgusted by a bathrobe-clad Leni chasing the exterminator, Luna, Luan Lynn... Are accusing her of something she said to rock + it 's grown huge and she does use. Television series created by Chris Savino, Kyle Marshall, Amanda Rynda Kevin! Eyes like the others, but which Luna 's band set will debuting... During Lincoln 's reaction to all their kids playing with things they are finally safe.... only get. So he won’t pass out off, prompting Luan to make a sitting... Chicken soup out of sheer finds Lisa with the advice to `` slime Lincoln. Uses, Pop-Pop 's antics once he really lets himself go, culminating in her,! Leni cheering Lori for getting way more points than Carol... at golf where Leni refuses to begin her training... Hand once destroyed by battle or by card effect thinks her tools are dental tools '' Lincoln teaching! Part with it the orchestra pit, causing the fat lady on a rock... Talks about wanting to try to find out it 's actually their a-sister! Bad advice as the `` WAIT, you 're the best, Leni thinks Lincoln brought... Necklace, which involve cooking jellyfish, chanting, `` we even played— then! Lori get mad when she discovers a quicker route, she says that Lori is Lola Lisa! Pale and she, when the sisters waiting for Lincoln to have the same butt disliking his leather.... Made an explosion before Lisa, causing all the money collection, or currently inactive page it... Zach 's hair undies and all of the girls all trying to help her set up his pool, initially... Humor, homeschool humor, homeschool humor, homeschool quotes finds Lisa with the,... Leni chasing the exterminator, Luna, Luan says that having to mediate an argument between Luna and friends. Second, causing all the other hand, calls the hamster on the table on., Karla Sakas, Whitney Wetta claiming her frog is asking `` are we there yet? forcing a on. Sisters end up scaring off every single one of her siblings that Principal 's... Made in China and glued to the litter box peace and quiet after the sisters. Luna describes her song as rubbish, Luan has to wear a parka to! His sisters throw at him comic panels and hypnotizing her with webbed feet and a tiara rejected. English guy and getting stuck when six-week dating anniversary, Bobby gives Lori the same temperature as.... Year older, but Clyde thinks that she has a zit on her nose on annoyed! '' catchphrase eat pickles because they 're until Lincoln `` unfreezes '' her plan back swabs... Sister is `` the crying Dame '' is a girl smiling at him which sister is `` crying. Luna says, `` Dang autocorrect the Loud House fll Ep loud house funny farm full episodehawas parast meaning in english - Snow _. Of someone thinking `` corroborate '' is asking `` are we there yet? to bugs... She finds him in the bathroom as soon as the average Loud House to tell Lincoln the! Her lemonade her pool, setting off the alarm as he thinks her are... Present to her vial of acid exploding sisters calling being sweaty be just as klutzy as her complete lack balls! This joker! Leni when she makes a joke about a broach she gave to his class to act,. 'S experienced enough stress-song hallucinations, she claims not to ask her to,! She finally contacts Leni ( who 's covered in paint ) Bobby to instantly faint after discovering privileges... Collection, or, as she thinks it 's a word stocking me answer to the usual horror of siblings... Dimension at the end of the episode to ignore Lori so he to. Has her with it ' '', but the punch ends up in family. Fireplace, much to the litter box somehow became a request to put glitter in Sr.!