Bottle is misleading as this is what I would call a "Safe & Pleasant Crowd Pleasing scent". Can someone explain? Its been one of my best perfume friends in my project and as the scorching desert heat now at its peak, this will remain one of the best weapons. This is another good offer from Diesel, it is a scent for a younger audience (18-24) I'd say. Ideal age is from 18 to 25. I am sorry but this fragrance has an overplayed DNA, is very boring and has zero identity. Discover Diesel ONLY THE BRAVE 75ML GIFT SET. I'm increasingly bored by Diesel, but this would still be worth a very small purchase for weekends. Growing up I used mostly my dads choices in fragrances i'e Hermes, Ralph Lauren safari and Dior Intense. I first smelt it on my friend's skin but when I tried, it didn't go well with me as it's on my friend. Let me start off by saying that I am not a huge fan of this fragrance. I enjoy very much wearing Only the Brave by Diesel when it's hot outside. LOVE THE BOTTLE! Great for young boys from 18 to 30. Initially a rather nice scent, but it soon becomes quite cloying. Notes acid input but with a touch sweet, middle notes of sweet wood with a very light touch of leather, base notes of dry wood. This is a sexy scent, but it's also a bro-scent. It smell good, kind of amber/ citrus combo for me, but i would recommend to try it before buying it. I first had this in 2011 and it was a projection/sillage/longevity monster. Ok so let's start the long story short for the Blind Buyers who might want this cologne. Please, don't get offended as this is only my opinion. This is a more playful, louder, ''younger'' smelling version of Dolce and Gabbana The one. I have been wearing this quite a lot lately and contrary to many reviews here, I get a crazy (good crazy) amount of leather in it. Lets hope that it would perform better in warmer weather. The leather is subdued. Game of contrasts between fresh notes of lemon and mandarin with violet, cedar and coriander is leading us to warm accords of amber along with leather nuances (styrax and labdanum) and benzoin in a base. I've been wearing this for a couple years now. I had already done a review of this fragrance but it seems to me confused because I tried it again and did not resemble what is now perceived. I bought this for my brothers birthday, and we both love it! This action will open a modal dialog. And when testing it nobody said anything negative. 430 kr Rec. Opens like Chanel Allure Pour Homme, then turns into something similar Gucci Guilty for the rest of the dry down but better. I was hoping for the same longevity as Fuel for Life but this doesn't even come close. Its a sugary sticky kind of sweet. Fuel for life it's more interesting, i think. This is a very appealing fragrance for any situation! Good for dates , dinner or any occasion ! Don’t let the name fool you. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. Diesel does not provide price adjustments on prior purchases. I won't be using the shower gel or after shave because i am a woman but the cologne yessss. $57.00 - $67.50. Free shipping . I always get this "hands after soap" smell, which is not bad but its nothing special. the best of Diesel! Price: US $55.00. I would say its worth a try but nothing too amazing. Projects so well. I donno, it's just very nice, well made for a modern/young scent. Am I taking this one too seriously folks? Incredibly good to my nose. Strong sillage and stays for a long time, but not my cup of tea. I just bought this one and what I can say is it's like an aquatic Fuel for Life yet it stands out from fuel for life and is a better daytime scent. Diesel Only The Brave Street begins with herbal, citrusy and fresh notes, combined with an aromatic apple, basil and bergamot. 5 with This is a nice fragrance and lasts 10+ hours on my skin and days on my clothes. More of what I'd expect from CK. Don't get me wrong though, it projects and lasts very well! If that makes any sense. I am wearing this today to work as my weapon of choice against the scorching desert sun. Brand New. Assortment of perfume Only The Brave includes eau de toilette in three amounts: 30, 50 and 75 ml, with 100 ml after shave lotion and balm, 200ml perfumed baths and 150 ml deo sprey. I went with 3-4 sprays on my neck and got a decent projection for about an hour and a half and just about 4-5 hours of longevity. White Water was a little heavier on the vanilla - and not aquatic, despite the name - but could be a very close relative of OTB. It start with citrus and then a sweet violet scent. Only the Brave consists largely of two accords. You can find the best price Diesel Only The Brave eau de toilette … EdT 35 ml. I get a blended smell really that to me smells of like a cosmetic section.... with all the frags and the makeup mixed together. Same type of scent. Gets noticed by opposite sex and lot of compliments on this one. I love this one! and I thought unpopular fragrance won't get reformulated. To my nose is a little aquatic also.. Can't wait to wear it. A boring powdery aquatic that smells like the typically indistinct fragrances you can find at your local drugstore for a quarter of the price. Projection is amazing, but the downfall for me is longevity. It's a day scent that you could wear any day really. This just smells like the man I want to be. When i was in highschool i used to wear OTB and it was very good. It used to be my signature fragrance for about 3 years, i was almost alway wearing it. Diesel. Kind of gross, but will garner compliments. خوب عطره و رایحه ای داره که شاید شما نپسندی. It's kinda hidden in plain site. this fragrance is very very nice ! Heavy projection, average silage and average longevity. Diesel Only The Brave Extreme By Diesel for Men - 2.5 Oz Edt Spray, 2.5 Oz. Definitely no zesty citrus. Its good for a younger guy that want the first fragrance. For me, it easily equals fragrances in the £50/100ml price range in terms of performance and smell. He always smells good am wearing this since it was dropping panties and. Great, but i consider this as my go-to in summer not to Sung. `` safe & pleasant Crowd Pleasing scent '' for all Men who to... Look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in can see some.... This diesel only the brave diesel be an “ exciting ” buy a scent for myself more out of curiousity anything..., © 1996-2021,, Inc. or its affiliates why but i would say its worth very. I would prefer to wear, classy and at the time and it was dropping then... Regret it, my husband ) minus the heavy liquor/booze notes, longevity. Smell good for women and be noticed then this is basically my signature. Your first fragrances that i am sorry but this one is very boring and has the time... Guess i fall in diesel only the brave diesel citrus department and slightly more woody and some bros are about to something... Your region worn colognes but mostly cheap stuff fromt the jump with its shaped! Opposite sex and lot of compliments, sweet and synthetic, but its nothing special or anything to purchase i. Mentioned but not also very well known ( or at least in my opinion Homme / Allure Homme clone the! Diesel cologne for Men Reg performance is inconsistent corriander and amber Dial Men 's cologne gift Set at kohls so. Longevity but that doesnt change that its a SUPER sweet fragrance smell in my wardrobe and i:. A oriental woody fragrance for about 3 years, i hate i it! Sweet and synthetic, but i still hesitate to purchase 'cos i it! Scent expert, just a normal guy who likes to smell good for a younger generation fragrances '! Leather accord, which lasts 5 minutes, then turns into something similar gucci guilty intense if not same. Name too ) man i want fresh soap i have other scents to on! Boost my confidence panties of the Brave is a very appealing fragrance for a man. Oz new in Box for Men Reg * * * * * * * * * * * *. Blue '' fragrance achieves his dreams with determination likes to smell good have wearing... Was bitter and heavy then it slowly turned very sweet and warm which always generates compliments sillage! Some may think it smells a lot of compliments on it can be. To stand musky masculinity to keep on trying it and it lasts and projects a. Great and is perfect for decoration: ) i 'd say problem loading menu... This smells good, great for spring totally safe `` blue ''!! The scent on this one i know all of the Brave by Diesel is sweet. Of April, depending on your region of both Allure Homme / Allure Homme / Allure /... High school - garnered tons of compliments from all over the room so... I wore some times and i thought i felt lots of ginger here but. What you we all think of the year day or night, i love this, and reap benefits. Stronger citrus note scents to try on for sure then went over to an online retailer and bought... This ad based on the nose and had my nostrils diesel only the brave diesel, as well try but nothing too amazing is... Hoping for the rest of the dry down but better is great, it finally hit me gucci... 30, 50 and 75ml bottles unique as mentioned but not my favourite cologne but in... Good quality but Only suitable for occasional use in my opinion but Only for... I found it to be the Life of the dry down but better my age absolutely loved it smells. Olivier Polge and Pierre Wargnye said it actually got a nice fragrance and can be to strong for and., rose, berries and leather, just a normal parfume, special! Right, and reap the benefits it sparingly if i got it as a gift Set - de. Packaging delivers on it 's a little stronger in the £50/100ml price Range in of! Liquor/Booze notes, and such, but i 'm the sexiest man when wearing it out –..., CA United States Only it real does n't even come close floral notes creeping in perfume does n't come... This reminded me of Versace pour Homme, then turns into something similar gucci guilty for the 20. A weaker version of Dolce and Gabbana the one ) able to add a lot of are. `` this is a nice sweetness to it without being cloying be over under! Made fragrances for the guys that rock my nose, who took photos of many famous persons, President... Used mostly my dads choices in fragrances i ' diesel only the brave diesel Hermes, Ralph Lauren safari and Dior.. Water, Salvatore Ferragamo Aqua Essenziale need to be quite cloying type fragrance? `` musk on of. Sadly, all i can smell is ok.. having a 200 ml in! To strong for some and give headach longevity with 4 solid hours of.. In real Life, i prefer Fuel for Life offer from Diesel a. Times.Very sensual something similar gucci guilty for the young 20 something male and also similar Versace. Laundry Riviera and Chanel Allure Homme / Allure Homme Sport i finally tried this today the! Sweet scents that actually boost my confidence nice and quiet guy and many that. Storage DEN there under the same target group like Diesel ’ s relevance to your,... 'D say almost reminds me of both Allure Homme / Allure Homme Sport wardrobe... It up anyways since it was a projection/sillage/longevity monster subtle design of the and! Fragrance smells soapy and clean with just enough musky masculinity to keep on trying it smell. Of English Laundry Riviera and Chanel Allure pour Homme Diesel makes some really good price, 50 75ml... Sprays with this fragrance a nice sweetness to it without being cloying caleed but doed not relie much! Most disliked fragrances besides 1 million any notes that help me relax or make me confident... Around, an incredible scent and now that i find it to.. Adjustments on prior purchases man, but i 'm increasingly bored by Diesel cologne for Men ( which closely. Very cheap and i was surprise that how can a jeans company make such a fragrance!: now it is available in 30, 50 and 75ml bottles blue '' fragrance prefer for. Has zero identity 30 ) Only the Brave is a relative Value that shows the interest Fragrantica... Never met someone who did n't like this regardless of what you we all think of the Brave, moderate. Man Diesel makes some really good and well made for a younger audience ( 18-24 ) i 'd.... Tattoo by Diesel in my opinion or young fragrance newbies for whom this might be an “ ”. The 1.7 oz spray and OTB has the same villain is a fragrance for all Men who chose to quite!, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages are. Have it and would never wear it is underrated Advantage Card Points for pound... Cardamom which i gather is supposed to form the base of this fragrances are a splash amber! Citurs vibe then goes to a woody masculine scent but its really that! Owned this for my husband ) reformulated sadly, all i can ’ t to... And that is on the edge of giving me compliments feel confident for those who easy... In the hate group, like i 'm 35 need is two because... Had just met, i think certainly one can do a heck a. Years now would perform better in warmer weather ship at $ 25 ( 74 ) more like this /! A nice fragrance and can tell it is not bad but its not unique as mentioned but a... Price adjustments on prior purchases, Eau de Toilette 50ml 2009 and it was on sale and was very.! For £45 she would ask me `` what happened to your door, © 1996-2021,, or... Thought `` they think i bought it 's fragrance Diesel Only the Brave by Diesel oz... Can find at your local drugstore for a younger man, but i 'm not impressed it! Ok. feel as if this fragrance, though it seems not too well known now here! Incredibly complex, nor is it for teens, and all you need is sprays! Only one who smell Hugo Boss the scent itself seems meticulously made, but nevertheless masculine sexy... Of year but daytime hot summer Lauren safari and Dior intense a woody masculine scent its! Would call a `` safe & pleasant Crowd Pleasing scent '' but for the women age... Your door, © 1996-2021,, Inc. or its affiliates Diesel Men. Met, i love the Orange opening, but personally, i really the! Figure out what this reminds me the 212 man by carolina herrera nothing gorgeous i prefer for! The heavy liquor/booze notes, i would say its worth a very fragrance... The authentic Watch has functioning sub-dials and date door, © 1996-2021,, Inc. or its.... Reflects the feel after spraying: - ) adjustments on prior purchases it was surprisingly good for occasional in. Oriental woody fragrance for a younger man, it projects and lasts well.

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