Yes you can get more of it, but a full catback will completely change the note. You should be fine. I just posted about this: questions before, reaction after. I bit the bullet and bought the MBRP catback, and I completely regret it. With the resonator delete and the windows closed, it's barely louder than stock. Overall, I could not be happier for such a simple and cost-effective modification. Friend of mine has the MBRP and the quality, sound and look is terrible. Does anyone here know if a FiST with a resonator delete would still pass California smog check? It sounds fantastic. The exhaust has welds that are a work of art, it's full stainless so it won't corrode easily, and it's half as loud as the MBRP, and it's silent on the highway. I just couldn't wrap my head around the idea of dropping $400+ (at the absolute lowest) on a modification with absolutely no performance difference (unless you include that whopping 1 extra horsepower from less exhaust restriction). The only time it makes a noise is under WOT. I got the 409 stainless steel version from edge autosport. Is it that you can get a bit more sound without drone from an even cheaper res delete? I love the tone, but the volume was a bit much. MBRP Ford Fiesta ST 3" Dual Outlet Cat Back Exhaust (304, 409, Aluminized) ***FREE SHIPPING*** From $ 459.99 Injen 2014-2019 Fiesta ST cat back exhaust system *2 tip styles available* $ 612.43 From $ … Cobb, not so much and when they do it’s because guy sold his car. MBRP Exhaust - Pro Series: For … Be the first to review this product. +1 on the Thermal, love mine, with a catless DP I get more noise when I really got on it. The exhaust has welds that are a work of art, it's full stainless so it won't corrode easily, and it's half as loud as the MBRP, and it's silent on the highway. The tips are crooked and the slip fit design is horrid. It may not be as much of a drastic change as a full exhaust would be, but I can assure you that the exhaust does have a different note to it. I do love my exhaust, I just do too much freeway driving to enjoy it to the fullest! … MBRP's Pro Series is the best performance exhaust system that money can buy. Powered by Shopify. This simple modification has totally changed the sound of my car. Resontor Delete:, Resontor+Downpipe (for those who want a louder setup): Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. The drone is obnoxious, but the non-80mph driving I do is SO GOOD with the noises. Maybe they'll make it. Resonator comes AFTER the downpipe, of course, so as long as it meets noise standards, which it totally should, then you are fine. Free shipping I have a 2 j racing side exit. Enjoy it! Availability: In stock. Secondly, the reason I went with the resonator delete as opposed to the muffler delete is that I didn't want there to be any drone (as I do a fair amount of cruising/highway driving) and I didn't want the noise increase to be offensively loud. Give this a shot if you don't want to replace your exhaust. After a few good hours worth of exhaust videos had poured out of my phone's speaker, I thought I had found my final contenders: a catless downpipe or the MBRP catback. Our Fiesta ST (B299 ST) High Flow Cat Back Exhaust system is manufactured from 2.5” AISI 304 Stainless Steel (EN58E) mandrel bent tubing with dual 3.25 double walled, polished stainless steel tips. MBRP's XP Series is the performance exhaust of choice for the enthusiast who needs a system that can take anything that the road throws at it. This exhaust system features durable stainless steel construction and has been designed with a larger piping diameter … Here, you are looking at the MBRP Installer Series Cat-Back Exhaust System. Nobody enjoys riding in my car anymore, and I just can't justify swapping back to stock. The little 1.6 engine makes a wonderful note, but the exhaust lacked the rally-car-esque growl that I had been hoping for. I actually don't really mind the way it sounds, but I'm not opposed to doing it in the future. Menu. I’m jealous! H&R Street Perf. Your #1 stop shop for all things Performance for your latemodel Mustang, Camaro, Corvette, Challenger! The OEM exhaust system is a 2.5in steel system, whereas the 3in 409 SS MBRP Cat Back Exhaust for Fiesta ST offers a significant increase in the Fiesta ST exhaust diameter allowing for greater flow out of the turbo. ! Friend of mine has the MBRP … Stock exhaust compared to MBRP's new 3" cat-back system for the 2014 Fiesta ST. Part # S4202409 / 304 / AL Coming from WRX's, I think I had too high of expectations! MBRP AL Steel 3" Catback Exhaust System for 2014-2019 Ford Fiesta ST 4dr. So to answer your first question, I have not deleted the sound symposer at this point. Eliminate the restrictions of the factory exhaust system that are robbing you valuable power and torque by replacing them with this 3"" XP series Exhaust for Fiesta ST … The MBRP Exhaust … The Borla is flange fit and It's the best thing ever. My .02, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I ask as this has been one of the more strange and unclear "what to do" mod decisions, especially since there is just about zero power gains from an exhaust unless you have a turbo upgrade... What I'm wondering, for anyone who wants to answer, is why not just do a muffler replacement? At this point of my life, every dollar counts. It seems to perfectly open up the sound of the exhaust. I have heard a ton of exhausts for the fiesta in person, and my top 3 in order is Thermal R&D, FSWerks, Cobb. I posted a thread about using quarter wavelength calculations to cure drone on the forum mine was custom exhaust, will work for any though. No regrets. Performance Exhaust Systems. Quick Overview. Product listings related to Fiesta ST exhaust systems. Thank you for recommending this product. Perfect for a daily driver IMO. $224.34. The ST currently has a MBRP catback system on it, the guy at Muffler King I talked to today gave me a quote of $400 to change the exhaust from behind the rear drivers side suspension. I wish I had seen this video a couple years ago... My friend, I have an answer for you. $454.99. Constructed from T304 stainless … The Pro Series line offers the … Best advice when it comes to exhausts, look at the resale market, I seem to notice mbrp exhausts reselling time after time. Mine is much more subtle and less popply crackles coming off compression :(, I went with Borla, a pricey option. A few weeks later (when I had the time), I went back to the shop to get it done. So, OP, did you also do a Symposer delete at this point or does the res delete go well with Symposer in tact? Hey guys. Scorpion Non-Resonated Cat Back Exhaust 3" piping Fiesta ST 2014-2018 *FREE SHIPPING*, Scorpion Resonated Cat Back Exhaust w/ 2.5" or 3" piping Fiesta ST 2014-2018 *FREE SHIPPING*, Magnaflow Fiesta ST cat back exhaust system, cp-e Fiesta ST Nexus™ Resonator Delete Pipe, Milltek Back Box Delete (rear exhaust section delete) Fiesta ST 2014+, Thermal R&D 3" Fiesta ST Exhaust Adapter (connects to 3" downpipes), 2014+ whoosh brand Fiesta ST catted downpipe "FREE SHIPPING", 2014+ whoosh brand Fiesta ST downpipe "catless" FREE SHIPPING, 2014+ whoosh brand Fiesta ST | V3 catless downpipe (3") *FREE SHIPPING*, CNT Racing 3" catless downpipe 2014-2019 Fiesta ST *FREE SHIPPING*, Peron 3.5" RACE catless downpipe 2014-2019 Fiesta ST, Milltek Race Decat (catless downpipe) 2014+Fiesta ST, 2014+ whoosh brand Fiesta ST | V2 Ceramic Coated catless downpipe (3") *FREE SHIPPING*, Milltek HI-FLOW SPORTS CATALYST (catted downpipe) 2014+Fiesta ST, Mishimoto 2014+ Ford Fiesta ST Catted Downpipe, 3" to 2.5" (and stock exhaust) Downpipe Adapter Kit Fiesta ST / Focus ST, ARP downpipe stud and nut kit 2014+ Ford Fiesta ST, whoosh motorsports poly exhaust hangers 2014-2019 Fiesta ST *FREE SHIPPING*, POWERFLEX Fiesta ST exhaust mount / hanger 10mm, Torque Solution Fiesta ST poly exhaust hanger kit (3 or 4 pack), Vibrant 02 sensor defouler J Style Thread On Bung w/ Restrictor Fittings for adjustable flow, Vibrant 02 sensor defouler Thread On Bung w/ Restrictor Fittings for adjustable flow, 2014-2019 Fiesta ST FORD OEM Turbo to Downpipe "Fire Ring" Gasket, 2014-2019 Fiesta ST FORD OEM Downpipe to Exhaust Gasket, Vibrant 3" Hi-Temp Downpipe to Exhaust Flange Gasket (2-Bolt Style) *FREE SHIPPING* Fiesta / Focus ST, Vibrant 2.5" Hi-Temp Downpipe to Exhaust Flange Gasket (2-Bolt Style) *FREE SHIPPING* Fiesta / Focus ST, Copyright © 2021, whoosh motorsports. Write a Review | Q&A. You'll never get a deeper sound until you open up the pipe. The MBRP exhaust has a 2.25" inlet. It is perfect now. Catless with MBRP sounds like a lawnmower to me. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, After a 10 minute inspection, the place quoted me $45 for the job. MBRP developed a 2 1/2 inch.. but after retesting the Fiesta ST .. We found a little more power with the 3 inch catback. So, as any true car enthusiast would do, I spent hours scouring the internet for exhaust videos. DNA Motoring CBE-FFE14-16T 3"OD Dual Outlet Catback Exhaust Kit [For 14-18 Ford Fiesta ST], 1 Pack 3.9 out of 5 stars 22. MBRP's cat-back exhaust system for the newer Fiesta ST is a direct, bolt-on replacement for the factory exhaust and has shown an increase of 10 horsepower and 13 ft/lbs. This system's rugged sixteen gauge T409 construction can be … The stock exhaust is not very restrictive to begin with, so there are virtually no performance gains to be had from an exhaust upgrade. There is absolutely no drone on the highway (and barely any increase of noise in the cabin), but it now has a fantastic new burbly and bassy note down low. Seriously, for those of you who want an exhaust, just consider doing a resonator delete. I ended up purchasing this muffler and replaced the stock MBRP tips/outlet. MBRP Installer Series exhausts are suitable for areas with moderate environmental conditions. Focus ST Focus RS Fiesta ST Ecoboost Raptor 17+ Civic Si 17+ Civic Type R (FK8) Mk7 GTi ... MBRP XP Series Exhaust Fiesta ST … What a steal! Made of 100% heavy gauge aluminized steel, the MBRP Installer Series is designed to provide the cost conscious consumer with the same high quality design and craftsmanship as the other MBRP … Now, two weeks later, I am still blown away by the difference it has made to the car. Get the best deals on MBRP Exhaust Exhaust Parts for 2015 Ford Fiesta when you shop the largest online selection at I have not heard the thermal with a catless DP, but the other 2 sound fantastic. It is a series designed and built for the serious enthusiast who will settle for nothing less. I found its droning annoying. ( Even … of torque during MBRP's dyno testing. The muffler delete is LOUD. Fiesta ST - MBRP Exhaust - 304SS, 409SS and Installer Series 3", Dual Tips. … Coil Over for Ford Fiesta ST (2014-2018) - 29043-3 Brand: H&R Benefits:Get rid of that ugly fender gap on your Fiesta ST.Stay ahead of your competition with improved handling.Turn heads … Can't beat that! Cat Back Exhaust System > MBRP Cat Back Exhaust Pro Series - Ford Fiesta ST 2014+ MBRP Cat Back Exhaust Pro Series Ford Fiesta ST 2014+ +4. Ended up buying Cobb hangers and it fixed the vibrate problems. 2014 - 2019 Ford Fiesta ST 4 Cyl 1.6L Product Details Series : Installer Series System Type : Cat-Back Quantity Sold : Sold individually Warranty : MBRP 3-year Limited Warranty I was honestly pretty dumbfounded at how good these cars sounded. The one thing you cant change with a resonator delete is the sound. (MBRP exhaust + catless downpipe). 10HP and 13 ft-lb at max .. but we also made the exhaust lighter. MBRP S4200409 3" Cat Back, Dual Center Outlet Exhaust … *, Milltek Fiesta ST US Spec 2.75" Race cat back exhaust system (resonated), cp-e Ford Fiesta ST Nexus™ 3″ Cat Back Exhaust, MBRP Ford Fiesta ST 3" Dual Outlet Cat Back Exhaust (304, 409, Aluminized) ***FREE SHIPPING***, Injen 2014-2019 Fiesta ST cat back exhaust system *2 tip styles available*, GReddy Evolution GT Cat-Back Exhaust | Fiesta ST 2014-2019, MAPerformance Cat Back Exhaust 2014-2019 Fiesta ST *FREE SHIPPING*. I also had this done by a local shop for about 20 bucks, but yours sounds way better than mine...anyone have any idea as to why? MBRP's S4202304 Pro Series cat-back exhausts fit your 2014-2015 Fiesta and are made from premium grade T304 stainless steel. The hangers that came with the exhaust were too loose, so it vibrated against the bumper and just about blew ear drums. However, the drone took my ears about a month to get used to. So with this being said, I implore you to just take a minute and check out the videos that I have linked below of another person's FiST with this modification, then make your decision. But the build quality has made it so worth it for me. I have previously had magnaflow on my 3 other cars, and this was by far … It's especially noticeable below 4k revs. MBRP 2013-14 Ford Fiesta ST 3in Cat-Back Exhaust System Enhance the power of your Ford Fiesta ST by letting it breathe freely. It's the perfect exhaust if you like having eardrums. Even without a downpipe, it still managed to give the fiesta the non-ricey burbly exhaust note that I had been desperately for. … $459.99. My local Meineke charged about 60 to cut the old one and weld it on. This is a quick review of my new mbrp exhaust. Just like many of you, one of the first upgrades that I looked into getting for my FiST was an exhaust. I was starting to think I would never be able to make my little Fiesta sound like the rally car that it truly wanted to be, until I stumbled across some FiST resonator delete videos on youtube. Mishimoto Ford Fiesta ST 2.5" Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust * 3 Tip Styles Available ! I am going to request a replacement front section with a 3" inlet. whoosh spec Thermal R&D 3" Fiesta ST cat back exhaust 2014+ FREE SHIPPING, Milltek 2.76" Fiesta ST US Spec Race cat back exhaust system (non-resonated) *2 tip styles available! Only 8 left in stock (more on the way). In the end, I started second guessing my decision and held off from buying an exhaust or downpipe. ! MBRP Ltd. - Performance Exhaust Copyright © 2005-2021 MBRP Ltd All Rights Reserved Cancel Shop By Collection. Then when you open the windows at lower speed, you hear the little burbles and pops. Now just to add a bit of context, I am a college student, so I don't have an exorbitant amount of cash to throw at my car. I'm looking at replacing my MBRP with a Mountune kit with my tax return. I'm super jealous. It almost seemed to sound better than most of the full exhausts! I blocked my sound symposer a few weeks before doing the res delete.. Mishimoto Ford Fiesta ST 2.5" Stainless Resonated Steel Cat-Back Exhaust * 3 Tip Styles Available ! But, does the res delete alone add enough sound to where the "OK" sounding Symposer can then be deleted and you get enough natural sound for feedback? The MBRP Fiesta 3" XP Series Cat-Back Exhaust System is designed with a single muffler near the front of the system followed by mandrel-bent tubing to give you enhanced exhaust performance. It's the perfect exhaust if you like having eardrums. The only time it makes a noise is under WOT. I've been running my MBRP for 3 years and decided a month ago that the drone was getting to me. ... A forum community dedicated to Ford Fiesta ST owners and … Email to a Friend. It WONT STOP SHOUTING ALL THE TIME. After thirty minutes, my car was done and it only ended up costing $35! Part # S4202304 $ 669.99. Doing them is around the corner and I don't want to spend money undoing these things. Sleek dual … Your #1 stop shop for all things Performance for your latemodel Mustang, Camaro, Corvette, Challenger! Thermal R&D 3" Fiesta ST cat back exhaust 2014+ FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!!! Loving the res delete so far. I agree 100%! Resonator is only for sound.